Do you want to promote your Company/Product/Business?

As so called "Influencer" from Time to Time I am posting sponsored Post to promote a Company, a Product or a Business. If you are interested to promote your Company/Product/Business in my Social Media and see the great Impact of referal Marketing, do not hesitate to contact me at
You can decide if you just want me to make 1 time Post to advertise your Brand or if you maybe want to work with me on a long term Social Media Campaign and interegrate your Brand into my Social Media. 


Are you a Social Media Influencer? 

If you are an Influencer yourself and you live in Thailand, then feel free to contact me per Email at or as direct Message in my Social Media, if you are interested in a Cooperation to boost each others Social Media Accounts. :)


Do you want to promote your Instagram with a Shoutout in my IG?

If you want more Follower for your Instagram and want me to give you a Shutout with your Picture in my IGProfile, then contact me at or send me a Direct Message in Instagram and we can talk about the Details. For a small Fee I can Shoutout your IG for 24h, 72h or even with a permanent Post. Surely I will assist you with selecting a nice Picture for the Shutout.  


Below you can find my previous sponsored Campaigns.