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Welcome to the "PeeWee for Kids" Charity Foundation. Our Goal is to help homeless and poor Children in Thailand and give them a better Life.
In our first Project we support the Orphanage at "Wat Bang Phloeng" in the Ayutthaya Province in Thailand. If you want to support this Project with a Donation, please click here. 


1. Project: Orphanage at "Wat Bang Phloeng", Ayutthaya Province, Thailand

"Wat Bang Phloeng" is a Village-Temple in the Ayutthaya Province in Thailand, aproximately 20km outside of Ayutthaya City. 

Since 31 Years the Monks are taking care of Children from Villages in the Chiang Rai Mountains, in the North of Thailand (near Myan Mar).
As the Monks don't have much for themself, they are having Problems to provide for the Kids and are in Need of Donations of any Kind. 

The Children which are coming to "Wat Bang Phloeng" are Orphans or half-Orphans, which are just left with some Members of their Family which can not afford the Education of the Children, as the Families are very poor.
In Chiang Rai they have no chance of any Education and so they are coming the long Way to Ayutthaya Province, to live with the Monks and getting free Education at the Temple School. The Education itself is just a basic Education, with no possibilty of visiting a High School or University later. 
At the Moment the Monks of "Wat Bang Phloeng" are taking care of 33 Kids, 18 Girls and 15 Boys, in the Age of 1-16 Years. 

In the Temple the Kids are getting a humble Breakfast and Dinner every Day. Lunch they are having at the School, which the Children visit in the Morning and early Afternoon, together with other Children from the Village around the Temple. 

After School its Time to help the Monks and Villages to clean the Temple and prepare Dinner for Everyone. But for sure there is also always Time for playing together and let Kids be Kids.  

When we asked the Kids what they wish for, they answered "Underwear and Shampoo"... I think it is really sad when Kids are wishing for Underwear and Shampoo, instead of Toys and Candies, as other Children do. So please help us to support these Kids with the Basics (and more) in Life.  

If you want to help us to support these Children, please click here.

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