News 2019: My dear Community, I need your Help please! I am looking for:  

  • other IG-Influencer from Thailand, who want to Cooperate

If you can help me with the Above or know Someone who can, please contact me immediately at or send me a Direct Message on Instagram @peeweebkk. Thank you!


First Episode of our New Show เทสเดอะจอย (Taste the Joy) is online on Youtube. Go and watch it NOW!!! And don't forget to like and subscribe and ring the Bell. ;-)


Introducing P'Wee's Charity Organisation "PeeWee for Kids"

Our Goal is to help homeless and poor Children in Thailand and give them a better Life. 
All further Information about the Charity you find here. Enjoy watching the Video!


Khun Pra Chauy Show finally live

Below finally you find my Performance at the Khun Pra Chauy Show. Enjoy watching. :-)


My Bio

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Did you know about my Acting and Modeling Jobs? Are you perhaps even interested to book me for a Job?
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Here you can find a small Selection of my Pictures. 
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