Biography Sascha Christian Howold a.k.a. PeeWee Bangkok®  


Welcome to my Biography

Please note: If you are looking for some delicate private Details, then I have to disappiont you... you will not find them... I am sorry. :D This is not my complete Life Story, but some important Passages and Information about my Life.
But even this is not my full Life Story, it doesn't mean that the Details I am publishing here are not true. A wise Man once said to me: "Everything what you say has to be true... but not everything what is true, you have to say..." and I am living by this Princible. ;)
Please enjoy reading!   

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About Sascha Christian Howold

I was born in 1982 in Hamburg, Germany. As my passed away Grandfather (mothers Side) was originally from Poland, I am mixed german and polish. But from what I (and other People) can tell, my polish Mentality is Way stronger than my german Side. ^^
Grewing up in Hamburg and Bremen, I lived almost all my Life in Germany. In 2008 I left Germany for 1 Year, to live and work in Miami, USA, but after my Employer went bankrupt in the World Economy Crisis, I returned to live in Germany in 2009. In 2016 I finally made the Step to leave Germany for good and moved to live in Bangkok, Thailand.  


my Family and Friends

My Life would be a totally different one without my Family around, which always Supported me in all my Decisions and Paths I took in Life. My Grandpartens from my Mothers Side, my Mother, Father, Stepmother and my Cousin were always there for me and gave me the Energy and Courage to reach all my Goals. For the Rest of my Life I will be very grateful to them and carry them, deep inside my Heart, everywhere I go.

Also my close Friends (in Hamburg and in Bangkok) are very important to me. They are always there for me, when I am in most need of a Friend and helped me in any Situation possible. I am very thankful and happy to have Friends like this. They are not my Family by Blood, but my Family by choice, which also gives them a Place in my Heart forever!


my Cat Sukee

An other Member of my Family is my Cat Sukee. Her Name comes from the japanese female Name Suki, which has nothing to do with the thai Food "Suki". ;)
She was born in the Year 2012 near Hamburg, Germany and I brought her 2016 to Bangkok with me. So yes, she has her own Passport. ^^ 
My Friends always call her my Daughter, because she copies me in many (good and bad) Ways and so we are very similar. 
She really is a very lovely Cat and Everyone who ever met her, really loves Sukee. And even many of my Follower on Instagram got to love her. Thank you for that. :) 


my Life in Bangkok/Thailand

Ever since I moved to live for good in Bangkok I am very happy, as I love Bangkok and Thailand and thai People very much. I really found a Home here and can not imagine to ever leave Thailand. For sure Everyone who ever spend some Time in Thailand, can relate. :) 

The Weather is really nice and I love the warm Climate and don't miss the cold german Climate at all. And even some Months are maybe a bit too hot, then the Aircondition is still helping to have a nice Sleep during the Night.  

What I also really love in Thailand is the Mentality of thai People, as they are way more relaxed and calm than german People. The Thais are always very polite and welcome every Visitor who is polite and shows Respect.  

As I am born in one of Europe biggest Cities, I am really a City-Guy and for that I love to live in Bangkok. Sure it's also nice to travel in the Provinces, but as a City-Guy I can not imagine to stay in the Province for good. I would miss living in the City too much. ^^ 

If you are interested to see nice travel Pictures of special Places which I visited in Thailand, then check out and please follow my travel Instagram @divine.thailand. Thank you! 


The Brand PeeWee Bangkok®   

I got the Nickname P'Wee (or PeeWee) in the Year 2010, by Thai Friends in my City Hamburg. As it is hard for thai People to pronounce my Name Sascha, they proposed to get a thai Nickname, as it is common in thai Culture to have Nicknames.  

After some Brainstorming my Friends suggested the Name Chatchawee (ชัชวีร์), which has a similar Meaning to my Name Sascha (which comes from Russia) and also sounds similar when spoken out. But as Chatchawee is too long, we decided for the shorter and easier Form Wee (วีร์). 

The P' (or Pee) is coming from thai Language and means older Brother/Sister. The Opposite would be N' (or Nong), which menas younger Brother/Sister. 
As many of my thai Friends are younger than me, they always call me P'Wee and after a while even Friends which are not thai started to call me P'Wee, from which the P' became part of my Name. Nowadays even some of my older thai Friends call me P'Wee, which is actually wrong in thai Language and makes me older than them. :D 

Over Time my Nickname P'Wee became my Brand PeeWee Bangkok®, which is a Fusion of my Nickname and my Home of Choice, Bangkok. As I really love Bangkok, it was out of Question to add it to my Brand Name, to proudly show where PeeWee is coming from. 
The Brand stands for me and I stand for the Brand. PeeWee Bangkok® is the Brand, the Actor, the Comedian, the Model, the Instagramer and more... 

There are several more Projects under the Brand PeeWee Bangkok®, which are still in work and not open to the Public yet. As soon they are ready, you will find all Information about these Projects here on  


P'Wee and Comedy

Since I was a little Boy I always love to joke around and mostly see Life from a funny perspective. Ever since I am a big Fan of all kind of Comedy and became a Comedian myself.

Growing up my Father was always joking with me and teached me a lot of Jokes and Humor (even it is annoying sometimes, that it is hard to have a serious Conversation with my Father, but that is an other Topic... ^^). I guess that also pushed me in the Direction of becoming a gifted Comedian. 

All the Time my Friends call me a Joker and I really love to joke around with them and make Fun of them or myself, as you can also see in many Pictures on my Instagram or the Gallery here.  

I am really a funny Guy and love to bring Fun and Joy to People, but it is very hard to describe it here in Words. You have to see it for yourself on my Instagram or when I am on TV.

My favorite Comedians of all Time are Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams (R.I.P.), which both stayed with me since my Childhood, the Multi-Talent Joe Rogan, who is really a Life-Inspiration and the thai Comedian Petchtai Wongkamlao (a.k.a. Mum Jokmok (หม่ำ จ๊กม๊ก)), who is really unique in his Way of Humor and making Fun of himself and even if you don't speak a Word Thai, it is easy to understand his Humor.  


P'Wee and Cooking

When I was 5 Years old I started to help my Grandmother in the Kitchen and she teached me the Basics of Cooking, wich gives me over 30 Years of Cooking Experience.  

Most People believe that I love Cooking. But the Truth is that I love to eat good Food and to eat really good Food I need to cook it myself. Sorry if this sounds arrogant now. ;)
By the Feedback of my Friends, Family and Friends of Friends, I am guessing that I am cooking really yummy Food. :)  

As I love international Food, I also cook internationally. Many Dishes I teached myself, but I also learned to cook japanese, korean and thai from Friends. 
My Dishes are mostly not made in the traditional Way, even I know how to cook them traditionally. Mostly I prefer my own Style and mix different Styles of Cooking (for example Korean Style mixed with Italian Style). These Dishes are called "P'Wee Style". :) 

If you got hungry and want to check out some of the yummy Food I cooked, please visit and follow my Instagram @peeweecooks. Thank you!